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Construction of Luda Yana Dam and Potable Water Treatment Plant

Contractor: Joint Venture „STRABAG – STANILOV” with partners: ”STRABAG” AG, ”STANILOV” EOOD and ”STRABAG” EAD – Bulgaria
Employer: Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works
Engineer: Consultant- Consulting Engineering Group Ltd.
Contract value: 56 270 330 BGN including VAT

2016 - 2019

The Works of Luda Yana Dam and Reservoir scheme include the construction of the following main facilities:
1. Luda Yana Dam and Appurtenant Structures (water intake tower, diversion tunnel, bottom outlet, spillway):
The Luda Yana embankment dam and the reservoir have the following dimensions and elevations:
• Dam type: earth/rock-fill with clay core
• Height of the dam:
-   from the natural ground                            43.40 m
-   from the core foundation                          45.30 m
-   from the bottom of the grouting gallery    49.40 m
• width of the crest                                          6.00 m
• length of the dam (along the crest)           ~550.00 m
• volume of the embankment                     ~660 000 m3
• Total reservoir volume (at NWL)           19.75 x 106 m3
The embankment geometry is as follows:
• Crest of the embankment at                        587.5 m
• Slope inclination                                1.8 : 1 (hor:ver)
• Berm (4 m wide) at                                      569.5 m
• Maximum embankment height                    34 m
The main characteristics of the spillway are:
• Spillway design discharge                           240 m³/s
• Spillway crest length                                    21 m
• Crest elevation                                             582.50 m
• Downstream channel width                         10 m
• Spillway length                                            275 m
• Stilling basin length                                     63.50 m
2.  Luda Yana Potable Water Treatment Plant (PWTP);
3.  Relocation of the existing 110 kV and 20 kV overhead lines
4.  Pipelines from the PWTP to the water supply network of the town of  Panagyurishte
5.  Service building of dam area
6.  Design and Build of Relocation of 110 kV overhead line “Opticoelectron”
7.  Design and Build of Permanent Power Supply
8.  Relocation of water Supply pipeline from “Geshenka” catchment
9.  River bottom cleaning in the section 500 m downstream the spillway’s stilling basin