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Mission and Company Profile

The company works mainly in hydraulic and hydropower construction, in the construction of infrastructural, industrial and civil projects such as:

Hydropower and hydraulic construction
- Dams
- Water treatment plant
- Water supply and sewerage
- Pumping stations and reservoir
- Stabilization of the river, sea shores and landslides
- River corrections
Underground construction
- Hydraulic tunnels
- Road tunnels
- Underground parking
Landfill for municipal wastes
Road construction
Industrial and civil construction

In the field of quality

Stanilov Ltd attaches great importance to the quality and the innovations as tools to prove and increase its competitive. Developing new construction technologies and expand its know- how, the company increase the verity and the capacity of its activity in accordance with the heights standards of the construction.
This is achieved through effective, well managed collective labor and solid organization of individual specialists, well motivated to realize the company targets.
The management of Stanilov Ltd has been focused from a long time to:
- Application of modern methods for managing the quality as a guarantee for his actions.
- Raising the qualification and motivation of staff
- The company has built a tradition of creating their own qualified staff-for years Stanilov Ltd accepts and awards the work of outstanding students of the Hydro technical Department of the UACG

STANILOV Ltd dispose with 461 qualified, engineering, administrative, support and executive staff.
The company owns:
- Repair-warehouse based in Sofia for handling and assembly of complex reinforcement, form work and metal structures, repair and maintenance of transport and construction equipment
- Accredited construction laboratory in accordance with BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006
- Subsidiary design company SG Project Ltd
- Geodesic bureau
- A repair-mechanical plant – in Isperih
Machinery fleet and equipment exceeds 200 units, some of them are unique for Bulgaria.

Social and public activity
Stanilov Ltd is developing an active social-public activity
In 2000 year the company Stanilov Ltd built a chapel at the territory of municipality Belovo
In 2003 year the company Stanilov Ltd built a tennis court and donated the amount needed for the renovation and expansion of the sport base of the Nefoit Rilski school in Kostandovo.
In 2008 the company Stanilov Ltd became one of the donators and joined to the foundation Eterna initiative – “The eternal buildings of Bulgaria” the donated amounts were used for reconstruction and rebuilding of the Boyana church
Construction of the playground in Akandjievo village.
Every Christmas Stanilov Ltd is providing a Christmas gifts for the kids from the kinder garden in Sestrimo village.
Stanilov Ltd is a regular sponsor of the:
- School in Negovan village
- Municipality Novi Iskar
- Bulgarian Red Cross